Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fashion is important

So with the ride in less than two days we have to present the Carol's Challenge Fashion Report because everyone knows that looking good is as important as riding well!

First off, the Beads of Courage Beads in Space Jersey - the official jersey for Team Beads of Courage! (No, really, this isn't a mug shot!)

Next, we have the lovely matching hair fashion by Carolyn Muir. The pink and blue feathers match the jersey perfectly! Carolyn's shop can be found on Etsy under Dragonfly Glass and she is offering a discount to Team BOC riders!

Our spokesmodel is sporting a Beads in Space replica bead by Marcy Lamberson of Studio Marcy. This guy went on the Tour de Tucson last year, but his counterpart, the real deal went into outer space on the Atlantis space shuttle!

Next we have the matching Beads of Courage bracelets:

And last, but most importantly, the Carry A Beads for the kids. These are the cherry blossom beads Kiersten and I will be carrying on the ride. Yes, our spokesmodel is also a beadmaker. The beads will go to a child in treatment and become part of their treatment strand!

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