Wednesday, November 2, 2011

We Did It!!

October 22nd and 23rd, 2011

Day One 98 Miles

Cardon Children's Hospital

The Law Firm of Cheer & Tumble handling all your gymnastics mishaps and suing that mean girl who kicked you off the Cheer Squad!

The long, hotuphillandnotwinding road (apologies to The Beatles)

Best Western parking lot after 98 miles

Day 2 off to Beads of Courage Headquarters! 40 more miles to go! And it's all downhill from here....NOT! Who said that anyway?

Team Beads of Courage Tucson members came to ride with us

The finish line!

Jean gave us a real Tour de France style podium moment complete with the double cheek smooch! That was really brave of her considering we hadn't showered yet.

Next Team Beads of Courage Ride - El Tour de Tucson November 19th, 2011! But first my ample fanny needs a break. :)