Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sorry Johnny Hoogerland, Crashing Through Barbed Wire is So Last Century.

Yep, that's right Johnny. I made crashing through a barbed wire fence on my bike cool before you were even born. Okay, so riding your bike to band practice with a clarinet hooked over your handle bars isn't exactly riding in the Tour de France but this might be my only claim to cycling crash fame. It was pretty cool too because according to one completely horrified neighbor, you could lift the bottom part of my nose right off my face like some awesomely crafted gross Halloween mask. 32 little micro-stitches applied by a bad tempered plastic surgeon to sew that sucker back in place.

Sorry, but there is no You Tube video footage - just ask my mom, she'll tell you in gory detail.
Just in case you missed it Hoogerland's attempt to steal my thunder.

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